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Lifelong Neck Issues

Let me start by stating I am absolutely terrified of needles and that is the reason I waited so long to try acupuncture. I have had neck issues pretty much my whole life. I had neck surgery a couple of years ago without any relief. I continued to see pain management specialists and tried shots and procedures as advised by the doctors. I was ready to give up…my pain level was high and I had constant headaches. After my second visit with Janie Sheerin I was in complete shock…HOW could she relieve my pain in two sessions when I have been suffering for years, but she did. She changed my vitamins and I am now completely off all my pain medicine. I feel better now then I have in years. I was taking four types of prescription pain medication and approximately 12 ibuprofen tables a day…now nothing…AMAZING. My quality of life was poor, but now I am able to have my active lifestyle that I love. All I can say is give it a try you will not be sorry. THANK you Janie for giving me back my life!

-Denise Reilly, Age 51, Office Manager

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